A little help with the language

Confused, I am, but persevere and it does become a little less complicated. The first thing to remember is that Welsh is a phonetic language, what you see is what you say. This is where it gets a little difficult, you need to know how letter combinations are pronounced to be able to say the words!!!

 : said as in hat never as in came
c  :  said as in cat never as in ceiling
ch  :  said from the back of the throat, like the Scottish loch or the German nacht
dd  :  said like the ‘th’ of bathe
e  :  said as in pen
 :  said like the English ‘v’, as in van
ff  :  said like the English ‘f’
g  :  said as in go
i  :  said like the ‘e’ in he
ll  :  put the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth, as you do when saying the English ‘l’, then blow gently
 :  said as in hot rather than as in hole
r  :  roll this one off the tongue!
s  :  said like the English ‘s’, unless it’s followed by ‘i’, when the two letters together are sounded like the ‘sh’ in shop
u  :  said more like the ‘i’ in pink
w  :  said like the English ‘u’ in pudding 
y  :  think of the word ‘money’ to help with the pronunciation of ‘y’. If the ‘y’ is in the last syllable of a word, it’s said like the last syllable of the word ‘money’. If the ‘y’ is anywhere other than the last syllable of the word, it’s said like the vowel sound in the first syllable of ‘money’. 

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